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The Chronicles is the highly anticipated first album from NuuGame, the Producer, Artist, Songwriter, & Sound Engineer. With 16 songs from a variety of well-established and upcoming artists, this album brings a collection of Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Jazz, R&B, and Soul - all delivering inspiring music of ministry. With 16 songs, you are guaranteed to find something that will keep you revisiting this album over and over.

On July 31, 2020, I released my latest album, "Chapter IV." On this album, I worked with a Grammy-Nominated producer and artist, Tone Jonez, to bring you some hard-hitting and thought-provoking music! Every track was meticulously written to take you through my personal journey.

"Unity" was produced by Tone Jonez. Mixed and mastered by NuuGame, this song features the original producer on the hook. The message is simple, UNITY!

"Only God Can Judge" is one of the most popular songs from NuuGame's Album, "The Chronicles." Featuring the lyrical vocals of Duno, the West Coast energy of Jamarr Stamps (Bad Azz), and the soulful vocals of Rocky Peter, this song became an instant fan favorite.

"Don't You Cry" is one of the first recordings NuuGame and Tomi Favored did together! Not only was this track produced in 2001, but it was also recorded in NuuGame's bedroom in Fontana using the Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone. The beat went through several drum updates and additional sounds before its official release in 2018.

"Hear This Nuus" is a chill Hip Hop vibes type of music featuring Chris Sandoe, Tomi Favored, and Jamarr Stamps (Bad Azz). The song addresses our relationship with Christ and how our works will be tried by God himself.

"Slave" is the latest release from NuuGame. Featuring the production of Tone Jonez, NuuGame takes the listener through a poetic journey by defining Slavery in relative terms. 

Working with other artists and producers in collaboration, Heather Parker has written, produced, and released a 12-track faith-based album of beloved children’s songs from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Grind Life is a song produced and mixed by NuuGame. This production of the song was initially inspired by an artist called "Read to Bow" in 2016. When NuuGame produced the track, Ready to Bow choose not to move forward with it. A few years later, Yungg L requested some instrumentals from NuuGame to write to and the beat behind this track was one of them. While listening to the beat, Yungg L came up with the hook and song concept